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2-in-1 Drain Stopper and Strainer

This 2-in-1 Stopper and Strainer fits in any drain and stops drains with just a quick push!

The Ultimate Drain Plug is the answer to your sink and bathtub problems

It's made from a soft-flexible silicone rubber material, creating a suction when it is placed in the drain.

This Plug stops hair and other various things from slipping into the drain that would cause it to get backed up!
  • Keep Hair and other things from going down your drain
  • Made from a soft-flexible silicone to assure longevity 

Easy to Clean and Efficient!

We know you dread sticking your fingers into a drain to clear it out... 

With this Drain Plug, You DON'T HAVE TO!

The flexible plug squeezes into any drain and catches all the gross stuff in a compartment and is easy to remove and empty!

This is the Drain Plug you never knew you needed!

Made of a flexible, durable and water-resistant silicone material, it'll never rust!


This plug is effortless to install in any bathtub; simply place over your bathtub's drain and you are set!